Port of LTE Service Antenna Design Improvement
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“This project to improve work efficiency and safety of LTE antenna installation field engineer”

· Ideation

· Network field engineer observation & interview

· Field test




February, 2014 – May, 2014

Hyeonsu Park in Access Network Development Team, LG Uplus Corp.

Network field engineers install antennas in high areas for LTE services. To service LTE at three frequencies, three cables must be connected to the antenna port. The three antenna ports are identified by frequency (number) only. To connect the cable to the antenna port, field engineer should check the small frequency number shown on the port.

Because of the work environment where the antenna is installed, the separation of the antenna port by a small number has hampered the efficiency/safety of the work. Sometimes, during the installation check process, the cable is connected to the wrong port and the operation is repeated twice.

[Image © LG Uplus Corp.]

We observed at field engineers who had experience installing LTE antennas to find solutions. We observed how to install antennas mainly in what process and method. Based on the observations, interviews were conducted.

As a result of field engineer interview, there was know-how for antenna port classification. The antenna port position (left, center, right) is memorized and the cable that matches the frequency is connected. This know-how has one problem. Depending on where you place the antenna direction, the left/right can be changed.

Color was used to solve this problem. In order to distinguish the antenna ports clearly, the colors of the ports are displayed in different colors according to the frequency. We used three primary colors, yellow, red, and blue, which can be easily recognized by anyone.