Small-Size LTE Repeater Design Improvement
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Improved design for troubleshooting LTE repeater installation rejection

Project Manager

· Review technical specification

· VOC(Voice of Customer) data analysis

· User & Field engineer interview

· Design review and verification product

· User Evaluation & Field test






April, 2014 – June, 2014

Hyeonsu Park in Access Network Development Team, LG Uplus Corp.

Dual-band LTE repeaters are installed to provide smooth LTE services in areas where communication is not possible. It is mainly installed in the home or small shop by customer’s request. Although the existing LTE repeater was installed according to customer’s demand, the installation rejection rate was high.

※ ‘Dual-band’ means to communicate over two frequencies.

※ A repeater is a device that receives a weakened signal and transmits it strongly.

< Before repeater design >

To find the solution, we analyzed the VOC data of the customer center first. In addition, I interviewed a customer who refused installation, and interviewed an on-site engineer who had been denied installation by the customer during installation.

Through VOC data analysis and interview with customers and field engineers, we found the cause of installation rejection. The reason for the installation rejection is that the repeater design is not pretty. Because of this, the repeater caused the interior atmosphere of the house/shop to break. Customers compared IPTV set-top boxes installed in the home, and the design quality was lower than that of IPTV set-top boxes.

We identified two additional problems and their causes.

First, it is a problem of high level heat. The analysis showed that the vent-hole for discharging air to the rear of the repeater was small. It seemed to be the cause of the failure and caused the customer center to report it.

Second, it was found that the LED light indicating the state of the repeater was strong, which would interfere with sleeping.

The equipment is mainly installed on the wall of the customer’s home. For this reason, we designed the equipment in white/silver color to match the white tone wallpaper color. Also, we tried to follow the design identity of IPTV set-top box, rounded corners with square. The front is made flat so that there is no distortion of the radio wave. To solve the problem of high heat level, the rear vent-hole was designed as a honeycomb, and was designed to be cooled by air circulation through as many holes as possible.

Finally, we reduced the number of LEDs that indicate the status of the repeater from 5 to 4, using LEDs that reduce the intensity of light but have a clear color difference.

Design Ideation

Final Design

· Customer installation rejection rate reduced by 34%

· Reduce VOC by 52% due to high heat level